Eva Aurenhammer

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Natural materials and mineral pigments

I prefer working with natural materials, which are fair traded and if possible organic. Thangkas are painted on fair trade silk or cotton, in some cases I use a wooden basis for my art. These wooden panels come from a local carpenter, who sells fine quality wood from sustainable sources. At the moment I am looking for a distributor for fair trade leaf gold.
As a binding material I use egg, size or acrylics. The used binder is adjusted to the demands of the further location of the piece of art. This is why I still use acrylics under some circumstances.
Most of the pigments I use come from plants, minerals or earth. I obtain my pigments from a German pigment mill or grind them by myself. Synthetic colors are rarely used.

Streching the canvas

The birth of a picture: sewing and stretching the canvas into a wooden frame